Watch out for spoilers, enemies and characters in the Square Enix game made by Leaking Leaks

Gim Marvel’s Avengers made by Square Enix confirmed retreat release. According to the developers, the launch schedule was delayed to ensure the game appeared optimal.

Even though it finally withdrew, the leak about the game appeared several times on the internet. One of the most recently talked about is the boss and character who will be present in the game.

Quoted from Games Radar , Monday (02/17/2020), the game’s leak is known to the list of player achievements that were revealed from the Exophase page some time ago. From that list, revealed information about the story in the game.

Based on that list also known MODOK and Kree are big enemies in this Marvel’s Avengers game . In fact, it is also possible, they are the masterminds of the problems experienced by superheroes at the beginning of the game.

Not only that, Inhumans is also certain to appear in this game. It just isn’t certain whether they are just supporting characters or can be played.

Finally, the leak that is no less important is the return of Captain America, considering that in this game the character is described as not being able to survive the attack in the opening story.

The presence of these leaks must be admitted to have illustrated the story in this Marvel’s Avengers game . Therefore, it is interesting to wait for the official announcement from Square Enix when the game is released later.

Avengers Game Release Schedule from Square Enix Molor

Previously, the Avengers game made by Square Enix was certain to undergo a change in the release schedule. This was announced directly by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic.

Quoted from Game Spot , Thursday (1/16/2020), the Japanese developer said the Avengers game’s release schedule will be September 4, 2020, backward from the previous schedule on May 2020.

The development team wants to provide an amazing Avengers game playing experience. Therefore, according to Crystal Dynamics, a delay was made to ensure this

“When presenting Marvel Avengers, we are committed to offering original stories, interesting gameplay, to timeless content. Therefore, we need additional time to complete,” wrote Crystal Dynamic co-studio heads Scot Amos and Ron Rosenberg.

In the upload, both of them also asked for this delay. But in exchange, they promised that this delay was worth the waiting of the players who had been waiting for him.

For information, the story in this gameĀ  will be opened with an attack that occurred when the Avengers opened a new headquarters in San Francisco. After the attack, the Avengers were considered guilty and responsible.

Later, players are said to be able to choose to play the solo campaign mode or with the help of friends up to three co-op colleagues.

Famous voice actors also took part in enlivening the Avengers game, such as Troy, the voice of Baker Joe (The Last of Us) and Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake (Uncharted).

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