Chinese Citizens Use These Two Applications to Avoid Corona Virus – Chinese citizens use a mapping program and travel tracker in an effort to avoid areas infected with the corona virus . With this, they prepare themselves for the dangers they face.

The program was created by the mapping company QuantUrban and third-party developer Wechat. Both create platforms that collect official information in a confirmed environment affected by the corona virus .

Furthermore, the developer updates the real-time e team geographically, so users can see how close they are to sites or regions infected with the corona virus .

WeChat’s own program is called Yikuang which means an epidemic situation. This program covers the southern cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The browser -based map of QuantUrban also covers nine other cities in the province.

“In Shenzhen there might be a big outbreak in the next few days and government data out very slowly. With this real-time map , it really makes us more psychologically calm,” said April, the Shenzhen-based manager.

Avoid Affected Areas

He added, no one could guarantee that in various regions they would be free from corona virus outbreaks. However, he said, this map helps Chinese citizens to avoid the affected areas.

For your information, confirmed cases of corona virus in Shenzhen increased to 245 cases.

This makes southern China the worst affected region, along with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Moreover, the cities mentioned above have a very large population of migrant workers.

To Help Chinese Citizens

QuantUrban CEO Yuan Xiaohui said, he wanted to annotate information from the map, so that the public could see the corona virus epidemic area better.

With this mapping, Chinese citizens can also better protect themselves.

Not only from government news and information, YiKuang also relies on information from confirmed volunteers around the affected environment.

“If I know there are people who are sick in an environment, I can take steps to be more careful,” said a student.

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